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PER ME – 11-14/2017

I have not been up since October fourth so I am running on reports from others:

The stream temps have finally cooled to the mid-60’s and the fishermen that I have spoken with are doing quite well. And instead of going into a bunch of odd little tidbits I am just going to post an update from Don Groom, ODWC. It will answer some of the questions you may have about the current situation and give you an idea on where you may want to go to wet a line over the coming weeks.

Many of you by now have noticed a reduction in the flows from spillway.  The reduced flows are not a result of the bridge construction as many are attributing to.  Last week, as part of scheduled maintenance, the USACE conducted a visual inspection of spillway structure components.  This inspection required the flow to be lowered for a brief period.  Following the inspection there was an issue with the valve that has prevented further operation. The USACE have measured the current release spillway at approximately 59 cfs.  

The USACE is working hard to address the issues and make the repairs in a timely manner, however, given the nature of what needs to be done, repairs will likely take several weeks to complete. Upon placement of the bulkhead, flows from the spillway will be turned off entirely for an undetermined amount of time.  Although, it is undetermined it may range from a day to a few days.  ODWC will be working closely with the USACE to minimize the amount of time of no releases in order to provide as much water as possible to the spillway reach.
Temperatures in the stream are currently in the mid to upper 60s depending on locations within the spillway.  The USACE is willing to spill water through the tainter gates if ODWC requests it.  
Given the current information that I have been provided by the USACE, I will not request an additional release from the spillway at this time.  Stocking will continue to primarily focus on the lower sections of the trout stream to make up for a lack of stocking in these areas during late summer into fall.  I have also asked that the State Park leave the stop logs in place at this time.  Although, this may not be popular with many, I believe it is the prudent thing to do under the circumstances. 
I still anticipate mitigation fish from the USFWS the first week of December. Stocking of these fish will be focused on Zone II and III.  Also of note, we received two truck loads of nice browns from a trade with Wyoming on Oct 17th.  I sent one truck to Zone III below re-reg and scattered a few from the other truck in the lower sections of spillway creek with the majority going into upper evening hole. 
I will update the group as details evolve.
Don Groom
Region Fisheries Supervisor

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