Book your trip below but first please review this important information.

Outfitting for the trip included in pricing:

  • Waders(in season)
  • Boots
  • Fly rods rigged with line, leader and fly’s

If you wish to use your own equipment please let us know.  Please provide height, weight and regular shoe size so we can outfit anglers  to correct sizes.

If any physical limitations please inform us before the trip.  Some areas require hiking. Absolutely no sandals, tennis shoes, rubber boots, hiking boot/shoes or flip flops are allowed on trips. We can only guide anglers that have the appropriate waders/boots due to liability reasons.  Please also let me know if u are right handed or left handed.

Oklahoma Fishing License MUST purchased prior to the trip. You must have your license either saved to your mobile device or a printed copy and must have it with you when fishing. Fishing licenses can be purchased here.

Wade fly fishing requires walking in on average 120 cubic foot per second flow water. Follow all guide instruction on how to walk in the river. Safety first and safety best. Stay within arms reach of your guide.

The following items are highly recommended

  • Polarized sunglasses are a must have in order to spot fish and underwater  structure. They also help give additional safety as you are wading in water.  Amber lens color will work the best.
  • Hat with a brim
  • Rain gear
  • Wading staff will provide extra stability, this river has very slick rocks and  uneven ground. Hiking staff/retractable poles can be found most of the time  for around $20-35 dollars at WalMart and stores like Academy.
  • During cold weather months, extra set of clothes and a towel (just in case  you fall in and get water in your waders)
  • Tall Thick socks are recommended for maximum comfort while wet wading  with wading boots in warm weather/summer months. Prepare in advance,  socks are not always available for purchase at local shops.
  • During cooler/cold weather wear layered clothing to stay warm and multiple  layers of socks may aid in warmth. Waders are required during cooler/cold  weather.

Other important details

  • We will take a minimum of 1 hour for lunch on full day trips.
  • All trips are strictly fly fishing (wading only). Spin rod trips are booked and  taken separately.
  • All trips are booked as catch and release only through Beavers Bend Fly Fishing Guide Service ™. No bait and No barbed Hooks. We do offer catch and  keep in Blue Zones. This requires named stringers and catch regulations are  strictly followed. Please inform us if you wish to keep caught trout, since extra  fees apply and different areas are fished.
  • Due to liability restrictions I cannot allow anglers to ride in my vehicle.  Please be prepared to follow me in your vehicle.
  • Only paid anglers are allowed. If you wish to have someone document your  fly fishing trip please let us know. They cannot participate in fly fishing, but will  be allowed to take pictures and videos. We require that any photo’s and  video’s be shared with Beavers Bend Fly Fishing Guide Service ™.
  • Max number of anglers allowed on trips is 3. An additional guide and guide  fee is required for trips with 3 or more anglers. Please book groups larger than  3 anglers in advance in order to insure guide availability.
  • I do not and cannot allow any alcohol on any trips due to liability issues.
  • Please inform us of any medical or ambulatory issues.

Your trip price doesn’t include gratuity for guide(s).

Deposit and Remaining Balance Payment information:  Please read the accompanying refund, cancellation and reschedule policy  before sending in your deposit. Sending of a deposit constitutes agreement to the refund, cancellation, reschedule policy and the terms of this page.

Deposit Refund, Reschedule and Cancellation Policy

  • Refunds and Reschedules- Deposits are refundable for trips canceled by  Chris Schatte due to mechanical problems, guide illness or any reason other  than weather/water.
  • With at least 30 days notice clients may reschedule a trip with a full transfer  of the deposit. Deposits for trips rescheduled by clients with less than 30 days  notice will only be transferred if the original date is filled. Rescheduled trips  must be taken within one year of the original trip date.
  • No shows or cancellations on the day of the trip will forfeit deposit and will  be required to pay remaining balance before booking any future trips.
  • Once deposit is made on a group trip- if people in group cancel the group  price will remain the same as at time of booking and are considered a no  show. You May add to your group and pay difference if guides are available  for group size.
  • Weather- Bad weather days will be rescheduled. Trips will only be  rescheduled when weather or water conditions make travel, fishing or wading  unsafe. All other water condition issues will fall under weather reschedule  policy and will be at guides discretion. Rain or cold temperatures alone are not  grounds for cancellation. Trips rescheduled due to bad weather must be taken  within one year of the original date. Cancellations after at least two hours  fishing will be charged at the corresponding hourly rate. Cancellation due to  water conditions will be considered weather cancellations. Bad weather  cancellations are solely at the guide’s discretion. Trips canceled by clients for  weather reasons without the agreement of the guide will forfeit deposit and  will be required to pay remaining balance before booking any future trips.

Thank you again, for booking your guided fly fishing trips with Beavers Bend Fly Fishing Guide Service ™! I look forward to getting you out on the beautiful Lower Mountain Fork River. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Choose the number of anglers and available time below. Once scheduled you will receive an invoice via email. Trips paid for with a credit card will include a 4.25% fee.